Why work with Landis?

Landis supports an agent’s ability to:

• Turn unqualified buyers into commissions
• Help more people reach homeownership
• Work with an all-cash buyer and close in 21 days
• Be part of a movement that’s about social impact

Who are typical Landis clients?

Here are some examples of clients we often work with:

• First-time homebuyers who are overwhelmed or confused by the buying process. 
• People who need a larger down payment to afford their dream home.
• Homebuyers who aren’t winning bids using FHA or VA loans.
• Clients with past bankruptcies that were discharged at least 6-12 months ago.
• Self-employed people, or those with non-traditional income sources. 
• Newly single clients whose financial situations changed post-divorce. 
• People who have recently changed jobs and have a limited income history. 
• Clients with an existing mortgage who are looking to move before selling their current home. 

What types of homes does Landis purchase?

Landis typically buys homes that meet these criteria:

• Priced up to $500,000
• Single-family home or fee-simple townhouse only. (No condos, trailers, modular, or manufactured homes.)
• Move-in ready condition; we cannot work with “as is” listings. 
• Cannot have water, termites, foundation, or roof damage. 
• Built in 1978 or later – older homes will be considered on a case-by-case basis if it is on public utilities and has recently undergone a full renovation. 

When should I invite a client to Landis?

You can invite any client to Landis, but we typically work with clients that want to buy a house but do not yet qualify for a mortgage. Common reasons include imperfect credit, not enough savings for a down payment, a past bankruptcy, and/or a unique income situation (e.g. self-employment.)

How do I invite a client or refer a listing to Landis?

If you have a client interested in working with Landis, please invite them by creating an account through our Partner Portal. If you have a listing that meets our requirements, you can have the seller include rent-to-own availability in their listing and refer relevant inquiries to Landis.

What do my clients need to join Landis?

We underwrite clients that we believe are on the path to mortgage eligibility. For Landis, that means a credit score of at least 550, and a debt-to-income ratio (DTI) that’s 45% or less, taking into account things like student loans, auto payments, and credit card debts. 

We also require a minimum annual income, which varies by region. Our clients, on average, have $50,000 - $150,000 in household income, which can equate to a $175,000 - $500,000 homebuying budget depending on their DTI.  

Lastly, we ask clients to make an initial deposit of 2-3% of their chosen home’s price before we make an offer. That money is used to kickstart their down payment savings. 

How does Landis determine how much to offer for a home?

Our real estate experts offer competitive, all-cash offers based on market conditions as well as the recent sale prices of comparable properties in your area. We work with your agent to negotiate the lowest price we can, and pass on the savings to you in the form of lower rent. We’ll always take your feedback into account regarding our offer price, just let us know. 

Can I earn a commission when I work with Landis?

Yes! If you invite a client to Landis, you will represent Landis when we buy their house. If you are a Landis Preferred Agent, you will also represent us in transactions that we refer to you.

Do I have to pay to use Landis?

No, you will not be charged any fees.

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