Why should a lender refer clients to Landis?

There are many reasons to refer clients to Landis. For one, you’ll be seen as a social impact lender who cares about helping your clients become homeowners. And many Landis clients return to the same lender who referred them once they’re mortgage-ready. 

It also helps strengthen a lender’s relationship with their agent partners. Agents earn their full commission when Landis buys the home on behalf of the client.  

When should I refer clients to Landis?

You can refer any client that wants to buy a house but does not yet qualify for a mortgage. Common reasons include low credit, deficient savings, a recent bankruptcy, and/or self-employment.

Will my clients return to me for a mortgage?

While we can’t guarantee a client will return to you for a mortgage, we provide you with the tools to track your client’s progress and will reintroduce you to your client when they’re ready to buy.

What types of homes does Landis purchase?

• Priced up to $500,000
• Single-family home or fee-simple townhouse only (No condos, trailers, modular, or manufactured homes)
• Move-in ready condition; we cannot work with "as is" listings
• Cannot have water, termite, foundation, or roof damage
• Built in 1978 or later - older homes will be considered on a case-by-case basis if it is on public utilities and has recently undergone a full renovation

How does Landis determine the rent payment on a home?

Monthly payments are composed of two parts:

• Rent, which is based on the market rental prices in the area. If applicable, HOA fees will be added to the rent.
• Contribution to down payment savingsCrunch a few numbers with our Home Calculator to see how we break down the monthly payment.

Do I have to pay to work with Landis?

No, you will not be charged any fees.

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