What are my monthly payments?

Your monthly payment is divided into two parts. Rent, which is based on the market rental prices in your area, and a contribution to your down payment savings. If applicable, HOA fees are also added to your rent. 

Crunch a few numbers with our Home Calculator to see how we break down the monthly payment.

How does Landis determine the market rent portion of the monthly payment?

We look at market data very frequently to update our rental yields and always make sure our clients pay rents which correspond to what they would pay for a similar property.

Will I have to pay a security deposit before I move in?

Yes, as with any other rental, you will need to pay a security deposit. As long as the home is kept in good condition and you’ve paid rent on time, it will be returned to your down payment fund at the end of your rental period so that you can use it to buy your home. 

Do I pay taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance, etc.?

While you are renting, Landis will pay for taxes and homeowners’ insurance. You will pay for all utilities and for any maintenance items under $200. Any maintenance items above $200 will be split 50/50 between you and Landis.

Can I have pets in my home?

Yes! You just need to register your pets before moving into your new home. There is no pet deposit or fee required.

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