How Landis helped Tammy achieve her dream of becoming a homeowner

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I was in the market for a house, and after evaluating my credit, I realized it wasn’t in a position to buy a house. That’s when Landis stepped in. They helped me locate the home of my dreams. They’ve also assured me that they’ll assist in improving my credit score to a level where I can purchase the house. Owning a house is the embodiment of the American dream, and that’s precisely what I envisioned for both me and my daughter.

The house I found has everything I was looking for – three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a fenced yard spacious enough for me to eventually add a pool. Inside, I have plans to replace the carpets with wooden flooring and paint it throughout to better match my and my daughter’s tastes.

Working with Landis has been nothing short of amazing. They were always quick to respond to any queries I had – no waiting for days. They made sure I understood every step of the process, ensuring I had no lingering questions or concerns. They were always accessible and collaborated closely with me to ensure I found the perfect home for my daughter and me.

The excitement of moving into the new house is palpable. I’m eager to rearrange and personalize my room, adding a distinct touch to it. My experience with Landis has been profoundly emotional; it’s heartwarming to provide a permanent home for my daughter.

We would have been stuck in the renting cycle, but with Landis, we’re in a position to buy our home. And the best part? My mortgage payment is more economical than if we continued renting. This transition improves our financial standing significantly. It’s a common misconception among single mothers, thinking homeownership is beyond reach. But my mother demonstrated that with resources like Landis, this dream can become a reality.