Roxanna’s Story: How Landis saved her purchase

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Meet Roxana, a cook and hospital collector from Charlotte. Roxana was overjoyed when she finally found a home she adored, a place she envisioned living in for a long time. As the closing process neared its end, Roxana received unexpected news. Due to a late payment on a car she had co-signed for her son, her credit took a hit, which unfortunately rendered her ineligible to finalize the home purchase. Understandably, this left Roxana heartbroken.

Enter Landis.

Landis provided an alternative solution that enabled Roxana to secure her dream home. The process with Landis was straightforward, and the transition went off without a hitch. They offered Roxana a 12-month period to restore her credit to its former status. And to assist her in this journey, they paired her with a credit counselor.

Looking ahead, Roxana is filled with anticipation. Within the next year, she hopes to officially call this house her own. It symbolizes a fresh start, a place where she can create lasting memories and lay the foundation for a bright future.