Series A Announcement


Today, we are very proud to announce that we raised a $165m Series A. Our mission is to empower tens of millions of Americans to achieve their dreams of homeownership, and this funding round marks a big step forward in our ability to do just that.

Homeownership matters. It matters because it provides access to better neighborhoods. It gives kids access to better schools. It allows families to save hundreds of dollars a month and build up their savings. It allows parents to pass on wealth to their children. Homeownership is a cornerstone of financial stability.

And yet, access to homeownership remains wildly unequal. According to the NCRC, Black households are 30% less likely to be homeowners than White households, with large ramifications in financial access and safety. We at Landis strongly believe that everyone should have equal access to homeownership.

We’re proud of our success so far in guiding people to homeownership. Thanks to our technology, our team and our partner agents and lenders, we have already helped many renters become homeowners. Yet much remains to be done.

Our funding will help us push forward. We’re excited to:

  • Expand to more markets. We are currently active in 29 cities across 11 states. We look forward to being active in 20 states by the end of 2022
  • Strengthen our technology. We have built infrastructure that allows us to understand what hurdles our clients are facing on their path to a mortgage, and what precise steps they can take to overcome those hurdles. We are working to make this technology available to all Americans
  • Grow our team. We have assembled an incredible team of dedicated, smart, mission-driven individuals. To achieve our ambitious goals, we need to continue to hire the best. If you’re interested, please check out our Careers Page. If the mission resonates, we really want to meet you.

Today marks a big step forward, but most of the work remains ahead of us. We can’t wait.

Cyril & Tom

Originally published at on July 27, 2021.