This husband and wife real estate duo puts family first

It’s common to see real estate agents on TV as pseudo-celebrities, with flashy cars, designer clothes, and multi-million-dollar sales. But in the average American community, it’s a lot more comforting to work with — and easier to trust — someone who reflects the world you live in.

In Greensboro, North Carolina, that could easily be realtors DJ and Mica Mathews. “When we show houses, we literally look like this” says Mica, pointing to her casual, gray-striped sweater. “I don’t wear heels, and DJ’s not a suit and tie guy. Sometimes my baby’s in tow. That’s just who we are.”

The married couple run Matthews Realty powered by Fathom, where they help clients buy, sell, or become homeowners through Landis. Their journey into real estate began in 2015, when DJ connected with a veteran agent who became a mentor and showed him the ropes of the industry. He discovered a natural knack for making clients feel confident and comfortable navigating the market. He soon had his own license, working for a new construction firm in the Greensboro area.

In 2020, Mica felt ready to join DJ in real estate by getting her own license. She dove in headfirst, saying “I’ve never studied so hard for a test in my life.” A year later, their son, Cullen, was born, and the couple took the leap to start a business together.

Entrepreneurship gave them the ability to manage their time from home. “I can’t put a dollar price on being home with my son when he first learns to walk or says his first words,” says DJ. “I think we’ve both realized what is truly important in life, and it’s those moments you can never get back.”

Mica agrees, tearing up as she happily remembers taking calls during her hospital stay after giving birth. “I wasn’t even upset to be working, I just felt so blessed to have this life. I’m able to do something that doesn’t feel like work.”

The couple’s relatability appeals to clients, as they often share the story of their first attempt at homeownership. “We talked to a couple lenders, but we didn’t get pre-approved,” says Mica. “And we were just told, well, come back to us when your credit score is this amount, and that’s it. No guidance, no followup from the realtors.” It drove them to center their own business on compassion and support.

“We want to be those agents that help you from start to finish,” explains Mica. “That’s why we love Landis so much, because it’s a way to give our clients another option, it’s not just no.” Instead of giving up on their house hunt, clients can work with Landis to rent the home of their choice while improving their finances with a coach. Once the client qualifies for a mortgage, they’ll buy the home back from Landis at a predetermined price.

Mica and DJ met while working in the hospitality industry, and she says that means never wanting to reject someone’s needs. “Agents are problem-solvers, so it feels good to have other opportunities to offer folks and show that hey, we’re in this just as much as you are.” DJ also notes that with market demand slowing down, the cash offer Landis makes on a client’s behalf is “more competitive than ever.”

For Mica and DJ, making time for family isn’t just a part of life. It’s their guiding principle. That includes the way they approach their clients, too. “We’re doing this for our family and for our future, but we treat our clients like family and we want them to feel that way,” says Mica proudly. That kind of mission beats anything on TV.