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Have borrowers who want a mortgage but can't close?

Closing is simple

Help your customers become homeowners

  • 1 Refer a borrower from our partner portal.
  • 2 We pre-qualify them.
  • 3 Landis buys the house all cash and rents it to them.
  • 4 When your client is ready to become a homeowner, we refer them back to you for the mortgage.

Why Landis?

Turn leads into buyers

Unqualified leads become qualified buyers by coaching them into mortgage-readiness.

Faster closing times

When a client is ready to buy, we provide a warm re-introduction to their referring lender, so you have the first chance to finance their home.

Financing support

Our partner portal gives you transparency over the leads you have sent to Landis, so you always have visibility for your pipeline of eligible buyers.

What if the home appraises for less than when Landis bought it?

If it comes time to buy your home and the…

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What if I don’t buy the home?

If you move out of the home, you are responsible…

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How does Landis make money?

We make money from the rent you pay us and…

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Where does Landis operate?

We currently operate in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North…

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