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We get it, buying a home can be tough and you've got questions. We have answers.

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What is Landis?

What does Landis cost?

How does Landis compare to renting?

How long does it take to move into a home?

Where does Landis operate?

How does Landis make money?

What if I don’t buy the home?

What if the home appraises for less than when Landis bought it?

How do I apply to Landis?

What are the eligibility requirements for Landis?

What if I had a bankruptcy?

How does Landis decide the offer price?

Why might my application be denied?

What documents are required?

How long is my approval letter valid?

Will the credit pull on my application impact my credit score?

What types of homes does Landis purchase?

How long does it take from when I select a home to when I move in?

Can I use a real estate agent?

What if I already have a house in mind?

How does Landis decide what price to offer?

What are my monthly payments while I’m renting?

Will I have to pay a security deposit before I move in?

Do I pay taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance, etc.?

Can I have pets in my home?

Can I buy the house before my lease term ends?

What price will I pay for the house?

Do you provide me with a mortgage or other financing?

Can I use a VA, FHA, USDA or other kind of mortgage?

What fees or closing costs should I expect when I buy the home?

Who are typical Landis clients?

When should I invite a client to Landis?

How do I invite a client or refer a listing to Landis?

How does Landis determine how much to offer for a home?

Can I earn a commission when I work with Landis?

Do I have to pay to use Landis?

What clients should I refer clients to Landis?

How do you decide my home budget?

What documents do I need to submit if I’m self-employed?