How long does it take to move into a home?

It generally takes a minimum of 4-8 weeks between hitting the “Apply” button and moving into your new home. It can take some clients a bit longer to find the home they want, so we recommend starting the process at least 2 months before you’re ready to move.

This includes the following steps:

  • You submit your initial application. We will let you know if you’re pre-qualified in minutes.
  • You upload documents to verify your employment status, income and assets. We will inform you if anything is missing or if we need additional information.
  • The Landis Underwriting Team performs an analysis of your file to create an approved home budget and program tailored specifically to you. Your approved home budget is the maximum amount that Landis can spend on your new home.
  • You choose your dream home!
  • Landis will close on the property in approximately 21 days – this process includes an appraisal and inspection.

Whenever you’re ready for a mortgage, you can purchase the home from Landis.